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Velurb established partnerships for bicycle touring in Portugal and the utility use among internship students, including the Erasmus community.

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Serviço 1

Revisão Geral/ Avançada

O motociclista da montanha executa o Wheelie


Flexible quality bike rentals

With long experience and maintained by passionate people, Mountainbike Portugal provide well maintained quality bicycles and flexible rentals. Located in Lisbon and Ericeira, can provide bikes all over Portugal. 

Bike station


Mountainbike Portugal is our selected bike station to leave Velurb bicycles in the area of Lisbon, or to start from there. You can also request a specific bike from their fleet, to start from Porto.


Supporting Erasmus addicteds

ESN - Erasmus Student Network is a non-profit, apolitical institution and is one of the biggest student organizations in Europe. ESN Porto is one of the 13 ESN Portugal sections, and it's composed by a team of volunteer students.

Special student rentals


Velurb provide special rental and purchase conditions, aimed for workers, students and the academic community in general. In adition to the long term rental conditions, the owners of the ESN Card, provided by the institution, have access to discounts on short term rental and basic maintenance included on bikes.

Long term rental: 50% of the selling price of the bike (second hand options).


Example for a 75€ bicycle: you rent in September and you pay 75€ (deposit). You return the bike in January and you get 37,50€ back (limited to 6 months, with the possibility of extension).

Extra option, with new bikes: 26", 28" or 29" wheels - 225 euros deposit. Refund at delivery: 100 euros.

Short term rental: 7,5€ - 8 hours.

Passeio de bicicleta na praia
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